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Sussex fans furious after UK TV host suggests ‘throwing Meghan off balcony’

Sussex fans furious after UK TV host suggests ‘throwing Meghan off balcony’

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry continue to receive criticism from UK media.

David Mellor on GB News suggested Queen has become important for Harry to build credibility in light of his upcoming visit to the UK.

“The Queen becomes important to him only because he has to see the Queen for his credibility on Netflix”.

Host Eamonn Holmes then added: “Yes, gotta be photographed, gotta be on that balcony.

“He’s bringing a book out where he’s slagging off Camilla [Parker-Bowles] and maybe William and his father.”

He then added: “How on earth- why wouldn’t they throw him over the balcony and her [Meghan Markle] with him?”

Meghan Markle aide and royal biographer, Omid Scobie, was quick to bash the distasteful statement, branding it sheer ‘violence’ against the duke and duchess.

He tweeted: “Everyone is entitled to an opinion, especially on an interview made for public consumption.

“But you know what isn’t acceptable?

“Vile ‘commentary’ that only serves to incite violence and hate,” he tweeted.

Supporting Scobie’s statement, Sussex fans jumped the bandwagon and spoke against unjustified hatred for Harry and Meghan.

“Why do they take anything said by Harry and Meghan so personally?”

Another stated: “Another opportunity, on top of the hundreds of others they’ve had, for the Royal Family to state clearly that abusive and offensive comments targeted at Harry and Meghan have crossed the line.

“Not even Government officials accused of corruption get this much vitriol of UK press neither has Eamon and his ilk asked for Government officials to be thrown over a balcony.

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