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Royals warned Prince Harry is ‘unlikely to stop speaking his mind’: Expert

Prince Harry will ‘not stop sharing his truth’, given that he is no longer bound by the Royal Firm, a royal expert has claimed.

According to Eric Schiffer, royal commentator and reputation management, Prince Harry can be expected to continue ‘sharing his truth’.

Talking to Express UK, Schiffer said: “Harry will continue to speak his mind and share his truth and reveal his feelings. Some of that will be commentary that will be explosive within the halls of Buckingham Palace.”

Schiffer continued that Prince Harry might continue to make bombshell revelations about the royal family in future interviews and public appearances, because apparently his “brand equity is largely tied to his royal DNA.”

He went on to say that the press will also not hold back from digging deep in Prince Harry’s connections with the royal family, “given the hunger and curiosity for his unique insight into the Firm.”

Prince Harry stepped down from his role as a working senior member of the British royal family in March 2020. 

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