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Queen Elizabeth ANNOYED by ‘horrible’ selfie craze: ‘Fed up!’

Queen Elizabeth is said to be over the selfie craze, and actually ‘fed up’ with walking out to meet the public but getting asked to pose for selfies instead, a royal expert claims.

According to royal biographer Ian Lloyd, the 96-year-old monarch is already struggling with increasing mobility issues and so, when people are more interested in taking pictures than interacting with her, it leaves her irritated.

Talking to Express UK, Lloyd said: “I also think she was starting to get fed up with walkabouts.”

He continued: “They were set up by her in the 1970s as a way of meeting people but these days people only want selfies and photographs of her, they just hold up their cameras or, even more alarming, their iPads so she is faced with a wall of that when she looks at the crowd, it’s horrible”

“Also, there is a lack of respect in this, when the walkabout started 40 or 50 years ago people would have never dreamed of sticking up a camera in the Queen’s face,” he added.

Lloyd went on to recall one of Princess Anne’s takes on the use of mobile phones as cameras, quoting her: “People now only actually believe they have seen something if they can photograph it so they lose the immediacy, their memory.”

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