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Prince Charles ‘asked’ William to be ‘fully on board’ with Camilla: Source

Prince William may not be particularly close to his step-mom Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, but he is thawing up to her on the request of his father, Prince Charles, and the monarch.

Following the breakdown of his father, Prince Charles’, marriage to Diana because of his love for Camilla, Prince William, along with brother Harry, was said to harbor less-than-warm feelings for Camilla.

While he did somewhat warm up to her after Charles officially married her in 2005, their relationship could never quite be described as ‘close’.

However, Woman’s Day quoted a royal insider who claimed that Prince William and Charles actually had a heart-to-heart conversation after the Queen expressed her wish to grant Camilla the all-important consort title.

According to the source: “Charles knows Camilla faces an uphill battle to win the public’s affection, and he needs Wills to lead from the front. Charles asked William to be seen fully on board with her – and he wasn’t sure if his son would agree to it.”

But Prince William seemed to be on-board with the plan, with the insider also revealing: “The Queen spoke privately with William about making Camilla Queen instead of Princess Consort, and he understood her logic.”

“William accepts that it’s time to let go of the past and look to the future for his family, and Camilla is a non-negotiable part of that. Besides, he’s learned to admire her steadfastness and loyalty, and he’s even begun to trust her.”

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