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Meghan Markle the ‘dominant one’ in Harry marriage, confirms viral test

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry relationship role is being analysed by body language experts.

The ‘Green Line Test’ has been making rounds on social media, wherein netizens gauge who amongst a couple holds more authority by looking at their pictures. The tests signals a person who leans into his partner during photos, is the more dependent one in their bond

Body language expert Mike Carter told Mail Online: “We tend to lean physically towards things that we want, like and feel strongly about.”

Relationship coach Rachel New added that leaning shows a person is ready to “accept influence”

She said: “Men tend to be less good at this, so if the man is leaning in it is a very good sign that he feels secure and confident in himself.

“Ideally both partners would lean in, but the man leaning in is a close second for a healthy relationship.”

Speaking about Harry and Meghan’s chemistry, the body language expert explained: “He’s moving in towards her, and the hand position is revealing, too.

“Her hand is on top of his, and her shoulder is in front of his body, both of which suggest control.”

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