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Johnny Depp is not a ‘bad human being’, just wants ‘dominance’: Astrologer

Johnny Depp is not a ‘bad human being’, just wants ‘dominance’: Astrologer

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard stars align in odd ways, says famous astrologer.

Kyle Thomas notes that Depp and Heard have a tremendous attraction towards them, due to their mutual desire for money and intimacy. The couple, however, is equally equipped of hurting one another.

He writes for New York Post: “Johnny Depp is not inherently a bad human being. He does, however, have some tremendously chaotic alignments in his birth chart,” he begins.

“He has a tremendously deep resource of compassion and can guide and heal others, but he’s drawn to trauma and perpetuating situations that began in his upbringing.

“His upbringing was likely chaotic and his understanding of the world is one of tragedy, so he believes only the greatest loves and relationships are dark, macabre and eccentric—but they also contain levels of passion so deep, they illuminate our fears and desires.

“He is immensely forceful and dominant, but also chaotic on a level of submission, than laughter and play until he becomes a tyrant.

Noting that Heard has a similar childhood, the expert reveals that the Aquaman actress suppressed her feelings to forget the trauma.

“Heard is a master of forgetting, remembering later on and then drumming of fantasies she thought happened because her past made her into a victim. She is a typhoon of fantasy, emotion and pain,” said Thomas.

Although their desires converge on money and intimacy, both Depp and Heard on of the most toxic couple in Hollywood, he concludes.

“Their attraction is very strong. But let’s be real: they’re shrouded in one of the most toxic public scandals in the press now. So no, hell no, they are not ultimately astrologically compatible,” notes the astrologer.

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