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Amber Heard’s lawyer’s has slip-up in domestic abuse allegations: ‘Johnny Depp the victim?’

Amber Heard’s lawyer has sparked a frenzy via her recorded deposition where she allegedly lets slip her thoughts about Johnny Depp as a potential survivor of domestic violence.

The comment was made during a deposition with Johnny Depp’s former attorney Adam Waldman.

During the questioning, Ms Heard’s counsel painted Johnny Depp as a “movie star fallen from grace” due to drug and alcohol use.

However, during the course of the entire questioning, Ms Heard’s lawyer poses a question that appears to hint toward Mr Depp’s survivorship.

She began by asking Mr Waldman about his experience working with domestic abuse victims and asked, “What training have you had in domestic violence?”

Once he replied in the negative she moved on with the question that has social media reeling.

Ms Heard’s counsel asked, “Have you ever represented any clients who have either been accused of domestic violence or had domestic violence committed on them other than Mr Depp?”

While on the surface, this question seems separate, seemingly proposing separation, or perhaps even a two-part query, Elaine Bredehoft’s style seems to hint toward a slip-up of possible innocence.

In earlier questions, she seemed careful to ask questions one at a time, however, she ended with a two-pointer that proposes a belief in Mr Depp’s innocence, that too by opposing counsel.

Mr Depp’s former lawyer replied with a simple negative and the questions moved forward. 

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